Friday, 16 December 2011

Pop the way I feel

Taken from facebook note: March 16, 2011 at 11:55pm 

On youtube, I am sick of comments like these made on balloon fetish clips:

"this clip is dont have an ass like that to pop the fuckenin balloon with your nails what a complete waste !!!"
"i agree entirely with crushmeplease's comment... with such a body and being on top of a balloon why use nails????? just bounce to pop, moron!"

Unless the clip is labled 'Sit pop' or something of the like, you can STFU. The reason why this specifically pisses me of is that these types of comments represent people thinking the world revolves around them and having a tanty when things don't go their way. Sure *you* might like to see her do a sit pop, but maybe the producer got her to do a nail pop. other people might like a nail pop. It's a free bloody clip on the internet, so don't get angry. Srsly "It would have been hotter if she used weight instead of nails' is much nicer than swearing at her and calling names.

I personally hate people telling me what to do. Asking, or requesting is different. it's respecting that I'm not here to serve you, and you're the one asking a favour. if you were paying me for this shit, or at least sharing your own vids. fine. Kinda. So those kinds of 'QQ, you dun pop the way I fucken lyk" comments fall into that too. I haven't personally recieved much comments like that, still annnoys me to see them on others.

Also, then you got those complaining when it's ambigiouus how the balloon was popped. I got like one comment complaining that I nail popped but didn't. You can't tell because I had my back to the camera, and hands out of view. But I haven't nail popped before, and my pops are accidently on purpose (meaning I'm just riding, and want the pop to be a suprise, I don't intentionally try to pop it). Appart from using the knife of course liol. But yeah I see these all over the shop too.
Overall, my experience has been positive though. Youtube has been awesome for looner vids, just wish they were more clear on what's considered sexually explicit and what's not. wtb 'sexytube' or something that isn't actual porn, but just innuendo and fetish vids, kind of what the age restricted thing on youtube is supoosed to be.


  1. Hi TGL! I have posted on your YT and FB sites. I really enjoy seeing you with balloons. The jerks who make absurd comments don't understand our fetish. For me, seeing you blow some up, and pop some anyway you want, is a fantastic turn-on. Come to think of it, I don't think it's just the balloons. I actually enjoy you!

    John In Minnesota (USA)