Friday, 21 December 2012

3 Most Arousing Fetish Pics

Here is a list of three pictures that I found the most physically arousing in my lifetime.

These are pictures that in the past, have taken me from zero to hero. By that I mean starting off not really in the mood, see the picture and then wham! my genitals are about to explode off, like the blood has rushed there.

But things need to be kept new and exciting for that effect, so these pictures no longer have such an effect on me.

Number Three:

I was at work, sitting in some room taking a break and looking at my looner facebook friend feed on my phone. And this picture popped up. Wow, I didn't know what to do with myself because I was at work, not home on my comp.

Number Two:

This was another picture on my looner facebook feed. I eventually found that this was a screenshot from a video, and I found it! I also want to try out that balloon. When I see pictures with balloons, I want to try them out immediately, but not so for inflatables. This is one big difference in my play preference and my watching preference. But I fapped so much thinking about this picture.

Number One:

The master of hot pics. This probably has to do with it being the first 'porn' that I actually got aroused by and masturbated to. I accidentally found it on I actually didn't understand what I was attracted to and what was going on. I tried looking at porn with black men (not common in where I live in Australia). No, none are arousing. This fella has a nice body, so toned men maybe?  Looks very nice, but not sexually exciting. But thinking about this scene got me hot as very easily for the next few days. I was at uni, and I was trying hard not to think about it. It was difficult as I was much more sexually 'repressed' compared to now. I only just started actually masturbating. Perhaps that's what caused the intensity of the arousal? 

I had a few fantasies, or things I would imagine. First, what it would feel like being that guy. How I'd rub my dick into the inflatable. Or both of us on there, putting more weight onto the penguin, so it expands and is about to pop. I don't know when it happened, but eventually I dared to look up balloon and inflatable fetish stuff. And THAT was not boring.

I later found that this image was taken during a video recording. The video wasn't actually that good... compared to my imagination. I think it's because his facial expression and body posture make it look like he's enjoying it more than he actually is.

I only posted the pictures I have found the most arousing. Videos, on the other hand, would be much more difficult to pick which are the best.


  1. heeeeeey Grimmie!~
    I love your total candor on here. It isnt surprising that our own fantasies would far surpass the content of the video, is it?

  2. Number #2 is on my list as well... Having trouble watching images of guys though ;)